Iraq: Stop the massacre of Anbar’s civilians!
Maliki’s use of the army against the civilian population of Anbar constitutes the defeat of the policies Iraq has been following since 2003

Iraq: Stop the massacre of Anbar’s civilians!

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Date: 18 February 2014


Maliki’s use of the army against the civilian population of Anbar constitutes the defeat of the policies Iraq has been following since 2003 and cements the divorce between the people of Iraq and the current sectarian government.

This new round of bombing has already produced 300,000 displaced, adding to the tragedy of the millions of Iraqi citizens already displaced by the failed and brutal US occupation.

While states are legally obliged to refrain from assisting other states to undertake internationally criminal acts, the United States is upping its supply of arms and military advisors to Iraq, along with intelligence cooperation. A new US “Surge” is in the making and will only bring more death and destruction.

Maliki’s government cannot wantonly kill civilians and claim a “State of Law”:
— Collective punishment is illegal under international law.
— Shelling water and electricity facilities, religious buildings, and hospitals are war crimes and crimes against humanity.
— The scale and target of the Maliki military strikes and shelling is utterly disproportionate and illegal and criminal in the face of the legitimate demands of the Anbar tribes.
— The lack of proportionality itself constitutes a war crime and crime against humanity.
— It is paramount for people everywhere to mobilise now to save Fallujah’s and Anbar’s civilians, understanding that their suffering mirrors the impact of the fascist sectarian regime that the US occupation created.

We appeal to all individuals of conscience, to all those who support human rights, to all progressives who believe in democracy and the right to self-determination, to the UN Security Council, to the president of the UN General Assembly, to members of the UN General Assembly, to the European Commission and member states, to the European Parliament and peoples, to Islamic and Arab states and people and their organisations, and to all human rights, anti-war and civil society organisations to:

1. Order the Iraqi government to stop its use of wanton shelling, air force attacks, and heavy artillery against the civilian population in keeping with the responsibility of states to protect civilians under the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention and its additional protocols.
2. Constitute an independent investigative committee to document the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Anbar and submit its findings to the International Criminal Court.

Abdul Ilah Albayaty
Hana Al Bayaty
Ian Douglas

We call on all to join us, sign and spread this appeal. To endorse, email to: [email protected]


Eman Ahmed Khamas – Iraq
Dirk Adriaensens – BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee – Belgium
Hussein Al-Alak – editor, Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra) – UK
Thomas M. Fasy M.D. – USA
Alan Bishop – Musician – Sublime Frequencies – USA/Egypt
Michel Balagué – Producer – Mengamuk Films – Germany
Kieran Kelly – Editor
Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D. – professor emeritus, University of California – USA
Mike Powers – Iraq Solidarity Association – Sweden
Hassène Kassar – Tunisia

Abdul Ilah Albayaty is an Iraqi political analyst. Hana Al Bayaty is an author and political activist. Ian Douglas is an independent political writer who has taught politics at universities in the US, UK, Egypt and Palestine.

USgenocide - The International Initiative to Prosecute US Genocide in Iraq was founded in November 2007 with the aim of holding the United States, its proxies and allies to account in a court of universal jurisdiction for responsibility of genocide in Iraq. In October 2009, we filed a legal case in Spain against four US presidents and four UK prime ministers on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq. The case was closed by year's end as the Spanish Senate voted to curtail recourse to universal jurisdiction for victims of international crimes. We continue to pursue and call for legal redress for the Iraqi people.

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