We the undersigned affirm:

1. The United States, the United Kingdom and allies waged a war of aggression on Iraq in 2003.

2. The subsequent wholesale destruction of Iraq is an international crime.

3. This international crime was justified by blatant lies.

4. This war of aggression was waged on a country debilitated by 13 years of sanctions that led to an estimated 3 million excess deaths, including 500,000 children under five.

5. Since 2003, the number of violent deaths in Iraq is estimated in excess of 1.2 million.

6. As occupying powers, and by direct Coalition military aggression, the US and UK are legally responsible for this overwhelming catalog of death.

7. The repression and violence contained within, and instigated by, the US-UK invasion and occupation led to the forced displacement of 5 million Iraqis — a fifth of the entire country.

8. The US and UK have overseen the total destruction of the Iraqi state and the attempted destruction of the Iraqi nation, including culture, institutions, heritage, administration, infrastructure, and the systematic plundering of Iraqi national resources.

9. In the name of democracy, the US and UK have promoted sectarian forces bent on partitioning the country, each with its own militias and death squads, and have overseen a descent into corruption unprecedented in history.

10. It is time that the crimes stop and the perpetrators — whether in or out of office — be held responsible. Illegal acts should entail consequences: the dead and the harmed deserve justice.

The case for redress for Iraq is overwhelming. All evidence suggests the country was intentionally destroyed. But justice for Iraq also transcends Iraq.

Standing in solidarity with the Iraqi people, we know that we also refuse — and must refuse — that what has happened to Iraq and its people be permitted, by the inaction of law, or the impunity of power, to be a precedent for this century, and for coming generations.

It is a matter of global urgency to prosecute the crimes committed against Iraq and the Iraqi people, so that finally, and at last, we can believe when we say, “Never again!”

Let us see this day come by our action. Together, prosecute the crimes!

Ad Hoc Committee for Justice for Iraq

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Justice for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and want to know where are the WMD's that were the reason for war....

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Lee Gaylord,
They US is the biggest terrorist and commiter of genocide. I love America but the government is evil.

Aaron R. Pixley,



Dr.Shams Scheik,
US-UK, are THE axis of evil on this mother planet. ALL those guilty of war crimes must be prosecuted and executed. There are no other words to describe the heinous crimes commited by US-UK allied forces in Iraq. With this petition I hope the moment of truth for Mr.Bush and Mr Blair would on some fine day become a nightmairish reality. Lets hope the justice would prevails.

Trevor Klein,
It is about time that the U.S is charged with War Crimes, they are a big bully that think they can get away with anything and they have.

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