We are looking for volunteers to assist with our work at all levels: legal research, translation (Arabic-English-Spanish), general research, campaigning and advocacy, and online development.

Volunteers are sought that are willing to devote at least five hours a week for one year or more. While it is inevitable that this work will be a learning experience, the challenge and intensity should not be underestimated.

You can be based anywhere, but will be requested to provide proof of identity, to sign a confidentiality and general working terms agreement, and to work with integrity.

Interested persons should contact Dr Ian Douglas via iandouglas (at) USgenocide (dot) org with a brief letter and their curriculum vitae, stating among other things, language abilities and / or relevant skills.

Among the skills sought in different categories are:

Legal assistants

1. Strong knowledge of international law and international human rights law. 2. Strong knowledge of international jurisprudence on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. 3. Resolute commitment to confidentiality. 4. Strong writing skills. 5. Ability and experience in legal research. 6. Access to broadband internet. 7. Ability to work in a team and with experts.

Web developers

1. Excellent skills in one or more of the following: Drupal, php, Java, Apache, MySQL. 2. Proven accomplishments in web design and / or administration. 3. Expert knowledge in data encryption. 4. Resolute commitment to confidentiality when required. 5. Reliability. 6. Willingness to be on call for urgent problem solving.

General assistance

1. Knowledge of and sensitivity to international issues. 2. Awareness of the nature of international imperialism and the problems facing people in the Arab region. 3. Awareness that the keystone of all action in solidarity with the Iraqi people is respecting Iraqi sovereignty. 4. Ability to work in a team and with experts and experienced activists. 5. Ability and experience in advocacy and in the antiwar movement. 6. Good internet skills. 7. Honesty and reliability. 8. Able to devote 6 months to one year minimum.


1. Outstanding translation skills between Arabic, English and / or Spanish. 2. Resolute commitment to confidentiality when required. 3. Knowledge of international legal terms and ability to translate with precision and accuracy.

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Contact info

Coordinator: Dr Ian Douglas
Skype: ianrobertdouglas
Email: iandouglas (at) usgenocide (dot) org
Tel: +20121671660

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